About L'entrepôt d'Anvers...


Hi my name is An.

I have a passion for extraordinary finds and pre-owned, classy furniture.
Based in the city of Diamonds, I started collecting vintage pieces as a hobby. Searching and finding high-end furniture, vintage luxury and minimalist pieces, is what I love...
Though, when your passion is collecting vintage furniture, your home fills up fast. Then you need a warehouse. When that warehouse is full, but you're burning passion for furniture isn’t yet extinguished, it’s time to let go.
Since I can't keep it all, my passion became my profession, and L'entrepôt d'Anvers was born.

Now we sell contemporary and vintage furniture items from all over Europe. From internationally renowned designers as well as from the lesser known. Product quality and authenticity is always our top priority.

Since L'entrepôt d'Anvers is an online gallery, our extraordinary finds are neatly stored in our warehouse in the historical city of Antwerp, Belgium. The location, close to the port area ensures smooth and efficient shipping to local collectors and interior designers, as well as overseas clients. 

Whether you are a seasoned collector, just starting or simply love beautiful furniture, I hope you can find what you are looking for to satisfy your thirst for vintage design. This way, my dedicated search for high-end furniture and rare finds makes sure these beautiful pieces come into their own and can be enjoyed by next generations.

Hope to hear from you soon,